Sunday, 14 September 2014

Make Modern Blog Hop

Welcome to my stop on the Make Modern Magazine Blog Hop!  Make modern is a new online magazine from Australia, with patterns and articles for Modern quilters.  Lara, Jane (Where Jane Creates) and Kirsty (Quiet Play) have put together a great first issue and today I get to show you my contribution to the magazine.  

This is Storybook, a quilt pattern using pre-cuts to make a colour block quilt.

This was my first time using a brushed cotton and even though you can't see it in the quilt it is super soft (a little like flannel) and perfect for a baby quilt.

I used 2 charm packs of Storybook by Kate & Birdie for Moda for this very quick to piece baby quilt. My cousins in Chicago have just had a baby girl so I may just have to make another one!

As this was also my first pattern published in a magazine I asked my friend and fellow Just Threads (Sewing group) member Paula Rafferty if she would like to quilt it for me on her longarm.  She did a fantastic job quilting the cow jumping over the moon (keeping with the storybook theme!)  I love it to bits!

I think Teddy does too!  Not having any kids ourselves (just the 2 dogs!) I used this teddy bear as my model!

One of the things we were asked to think about, when writing our patterns, was to include options so things can be changed up a bit and add a bit more value for the readers.

I scaled my pattern up to a layer cake to make a bed sized quilt for my mum.  Since I began quilting, I've not made a proper bed quilt for my mum.  She has 'borrowed' 2 pieced cushions, a mini-quilt and I am under orders to make her a Christmas table runner but no proper big quilt.  Feeling a bit guilty about that I thought this was a good opportunity to finally make her something for the winter.

This version of the pattern uses 2 layer cakes and the layout is included in Make Modern with the baby quilt above.  The fabric used is from the Limerick Quilt Centre and is called Table for Two.

Photographing this was a little tricky.  It was quite windy so Gordon had to stand on the tripod legs to keep this from blowing over while I grabbed a photo.  It blew down 3 times and we got some funny smiles from the neighbours walking across the green with a bed quilt draped over a photo stand!

The back was made with a a panel pieced horizontally and I quilted this on my home machine using a wiggle stipple.  I just have to label it and then it'll be on it way to mum this week!

If you would like to see more of Make Modern there is a preview here on Issuu and if you would like to buy the first issue or subscribe you can do so here on the Make Modern website.  The Make Modern blog is worth having a look at with many guest posts and interviews with the contributors.  

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Thursday, 11 September 2014

A Finished Quilt Top - Penny sampler update


I finished it!  At last I have a Penny Sampler Quilt top.  My frosty version (previously posted about here and here) of Stitched in Color's design is pieced and I have to admit I'm all paper pieced out!  It's been a few weeks of horses, teapots, teacups, flowers, lots of diamonds and lots of removing paper (my least favourite bit) and it's finally all pieced together. 

The massive Kona Seafoam hanging diamonds doesn't dominate as much now it's a complete quilt top.  The blocks and borders are a mixture of pieced blocks, applique and foundation paper piecing.  I still have to hand embroider the birds tail and feet and the horses bridles on.  Rachel shows how to machine sketch these bits in with black thread but I like the idea of adding some embroidery to this quilt top.

I'm going to hand quilt this one and eventually it will end up in our bedroom.  Trying to keep Wilbur and Charly paw prints off it will be a challenge and it will probably take me all winter to quilt it but I'm looking forward to it!

Linking to all the Friday finishes, Crazy Mom Quilts and

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

WIP Wednesday FQ Fizz Oriental Style

Have you ever gotten half way through a project and thought I don't think I like this one?  I've been going back and forth in my head on these fabrics since I bought them on Craftsy to fill up space in the box and get my money's worth in terms of shipping. 

I decided on Fat Quarter Shop's very simple pattern Fat Quarter Fizz as a way to keep the large scale prints and make a quick quilt top.  Thing is, while I really like the butterflies and text and smaller flowers, I'm not that fond of some of the other prints.

I'm in the "I've started so I'll finish ..." frame of mind so I'm tempted to keep going and use this 60" x 72" quilt top as either the back of something or for free motion quilting practice.  It is a very quick make, chain piecing long rectangles to make up the block and the sections in this would be perfect for practicing some filler patterns.  What do you think?

For now though, I think Charly (watching out for the postman while I piece away) might just prefer a walk!  Taking a break and linking up to

WIP Wednesday at Freshly PiecedSew Fresh Quilts

Monday, 8 September 2014

Lack of sewing this weekend due to Granny coming to visit!

We had a visitor for the weekend as part of  Limerick's city of Culture 2014 celebrations.  This whole weekend a Giant Granny from France (Street theatre company Royal de Luxe) walked the streets of Limerick crossing the river Shannon a few times, telling stories and smoking a pipe. 

The weather was glorious (even got a little sunburnt!) so there was no sewing at all done but lots of fun all the same!

Granny gave us some dry ice and a big party.  She was meant to leave via the River but low tide and the barge not being able to get up to Sarsfield Bridge with the team of people it takes to assist a 25ft Giant Grandmother onto a rocky boat meant she had to stay a little longer.

It was great fun and a fantastic spectacle.  Normal quilty updates will resume tomorrow!

Thursday, 4 September 2014

Bee Blocks Austin Powers style

Does groovy text writing '60's style in '70's colours count as a Novelty print?  If so I might have to rethink these Bee blocks!

Lesley from the Closet Quilter was our Queen Bee for August and chose the Maple Leaf Block from Lark Crafts free pattern.  It is a really fun and quick 9 patch block to make and we were asked for a low volume background with any print we love.  Lesley isn't especially fond of novelty prints or brown.  I'm with her on the brown though I do have a bit on hand that I use from time to time but I do love a bit of novelty especially Halloween! 

Thing is I really like this text print and thought it would make a really cool maple leaf block.  What do you think?  Too much?

I didn't stop there.  Fiona at Patchwork Delights chose the Churn Dash block and her directions were to use any print you loved in the middle, keep the colours warm and no batiks, browns, kiddy prints or flowers.  I think this works for that!

The text print in the centre is a little lost but to be fair you don't really want to compete with Austin Powers for attention!  ( I love text prints and stalked a Noteworthy FQB for ages just for the texts!)

I also love musical scale fabric.  I got to grade 3 in classical guitar many years ago and maybe that's why I love these kind of prints.  Maybe also it's a type of text?

So I had to use an Aspen Frost  piece left over from my Winter themed Penny Sampler quilt, seeing as that was on hand and out front and centre on the sideboard. 

I thought these blues and polka dot were perfect with it but flowers and frost don't fit the brief so I'm keeping this one!

It's given me the idea of a row of frosty churn dashes going horizontally on the back of my Penny Sampler - I think that would look really lovely - thanks Fi!  Great block choice. 

So for Fiona's last block keeping it warm and cozy I'm thinking pink with some Sunnyside by Kate Spain.  I think the Churn Dash has to be one of my favourite blocks and I love Fiona's scrappy warm theme going on.  Might have to make one of these myself!  The tutorial used for these is Cluck, Cluck Sew's here if you want to make a few too!

Monday, 1 September 2014

Make Modern Magazine

Make Modern Magazine is out today!  It's a new online quilt magazine put together by Lara, Kristy@ Quiet Play and Jane@ Where Jane Creates.

Make ModernI have a baby quilt design included in the first issue and am very excited to have my first published pattern!  There is a photo of my quilt on the Make Modern Blog and guest posts from some of the contributors there if you would like to have a look!

If you want to check out a preview of what's included in the magazine, Kristy, Lara & Jane have provided an overview of some of what's included here.

There is a blog hop kicking off today and it's my turn to take part on the 15th when I get to show you some details of my quilt but for now the blog hop schedule is below. 

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9th September                   Molli Sparkles
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15th September                 Ruth @ Ben and Charly’s corner
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19th September                 Alyce @ Blossom Heart Quilts
21st September                 Serena @ Sew Giving
23rd September                 Melissa @ Ms Midge
25th September                 Anne @ Hudson Valley Quilts

Design Wall Monday - Nearly there!

Still working on the Penny Sampler (design by Rachel @ Stitched in Color)!  The assembly of the main sections of the design is all done and it's starting to look like a proper quilt top now!  Also starting to run out of room on the design wall!

Option 1, for this design, is to finish sewing these large groups to each other and leaving it at that for a 66" x 73" throw. 

This is what I originally intended to do and the colouring sheet that Rachel gave us is not too far away from my actual quilt top.  I was going for frosty with hints of a winter fire in the darker coal colours and pink and oranges scattered about the place.

Don't ask me where the green Seafoam comes into the winter palette!  Not sure what I was thinking there at all.  
Looking at it like this though, it feels unfinished to me so I'm adding in the optional 9" diamond row on the bottom.  

I think it looks much more balanced with it than without and gives me a chance to pop in more of that Seafoam towards the bottom right!

Nearly there now!

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